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Hey everyone Dr. Scott here, Little about myself....

Born and raised in New Orleans, went to Jesuit High School, Saint Francis Xavier Grammar School, Graduated with my Doctrine in Veterinary medicine out of LSU. I have two sons, the oldest getting ready to graduate in engineering and my other son has a degree in finance and works at Ochsner. My oldest son Lee actually helped me open the clinic eight years ago, where he managed the practice, we hired a technician named Julie, they got married and moved to Arizona so I lost my management team but I gained a daughter in law. Hell yeah!

I have been very active in organizations that have an impact on my profession or where I live (Which is next-door in the French quarter behind Fifi Mahoney's wig shop):

Organizations where I have set on the Board of Directors:

*Southeast Louisiana Veterinary Association - President

*Southeast Louisiana Veterinary Association Boardmember

*Association of New Orleans Veterinarians Boardmember

*Jefferson SPCA Boardmember

*Currently serving on the board of directors of the French Quarter Business Association

*But the board of directors seat that I'm most proud of is The Mystic Krewe of Barkus!!

I work with the board to help set up the parade, the ball, and the pre-an after party at Armstrong Park. I am the doggie EMS on the day of the parade. In all honesty this is the happiest day of the year for me. Walking through the streets of the quarter and seeing  thousands of people on the streets  with their pets watching the hilarious dogs in costume going by...I'm serious when I tell you that I tear up every year during the parade… I get goosebumps because I get to share in this magnificent celebration of the bond that we have with our four-legged friends that are always there for us come hell or high water. They live in the moment, and that parade exudes love that just can't be found in any parade in the city known for parades. 

I currently have two cats, my buddy Winston retired from the clinic almost a year ago and is now my shadow when I am home, on my lap when I sit down and on my stomach when I'm sleeping. Yeah I love him. Many of you have met Gris Gris  or seen him in the window of the clinic. Adopted him from Pet Asylum...He was in a cage for nine months because he is solid black and they were afraid the wrong characters would adopt him plus he's a little cross eyed. 

As I tell all my clients: Through a very serendipitous route, pets choose us to finish out the rest of their lives. It's not a coincidence as most people will testify.  A lot of things had to happen, and the stars had to be aligned a certain way for me to end up with these two lovable cats. But that's the way it works and I love them both! I don't have a dog now, my last dog was a golden retriever that I miss dearly. But now that I live in the quarter I'm going to scale back to a smaller version… Jack Russell terror mix maybe...not sure 

For fun I love to travel, whether it's a quick drive to Pensacola or hopping on a cheap flight to Europe last minute. I love to see how other cultures live. Music and live concerts keep me going

I'm a HUGE Saints fan! I've had season tickets on and off for many many years, and I'm currently "on" and will be a season ticket holder until I die. Maybe it's because I went to that very first preseason Saints game EVER PLAYED. My grandfather took me and my brother to The game when we were visiting him in Long Beach California against the LA Rams back in 1967. My brother and I are the only two people I know that went to that game...because are you kidding, preseason!!!! We just happen to be there and we had no clue how much the city would embrace the black and gold. My most memorable Saints game of course was the Super Bowl win (I wasn't there) But the game I remember the most that I went to was when we beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia in the playoffs in the cold, in the most hostile environment I've ever been in for a football game. I went with my son and after the win we had to take off all of our saints gear to get out of the stadium alive. Who DAT!!! 

And I do love talking about animals! I hate it when people walk up to me at a party or an event and say "I know you probably hate to talk about work, but my dog has this gross black thing on his balls…" I immediately always interrupt them and tell them that I LOVE talking about dogs and cats and animals...because it's not work to me

...I love what I do!

…because once I became a veterinarian

 I haven't worked a day since 🐾


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Feedback from our clients

  • "great first experience! I was visiting New Orleans on my way to Miami and needed to get my pup checked up and a prescription for Heartgard. They fit me in same day and were extremely accommodating. Scott Griffith was the vet that took care of us and he was informative, nice, and super helpful!"
    Shayne S. / New Orleans, LA