Fleas In Your Environment

Fleas In Your Environment

Flea Problem Therapist 

Did you know that Fleas can live up to 100 days without a blood meal? 

We’re hear to give you our advise regarding your flea problem. Theres many different types of flea problems. But lets give you the overall picture.

First of all for every 1 flea you see either on your pet or on you theres about 50 more waiting to hatch in 24 hours. If you’re “only” seeing one flea, there’s always more. In a typical room only 5% of the fleas will be found on the pet. However 10% of flea cocoons, 35% of flea larvae and 50% of flea eggs are found in the indoor environment! 

If your pet is protected by a veterinarian recommended product you may see a flea on them this doesn’t mean the product isn’t working. This means you have fleas in your environment. If you see little clumps of black debris, this is the flea feces known as flea dirt and it turns red when wet. They are jumping on your pet coming in contact with the medication and then die off as well as the different life stages of the flea. But theres more eggs in the environment waiting to hatch and those are the new adult fleas you see the next day even if you medicated your pet just the other day. They soon will die after coming in contact with your pet but the cycle continues on the next day.

The flea life cycle includes four stages, the egg, larva, pupa, and adult; the life cycle can be as short as 2 weeks or as long as years. Because all stages other than adults live in the environment, control cannot be achieved simply by bathing or dipping your pet. Using different scented things you hear on Google or from friends should be discussed with your veterinarian.

For indoor environmental flea control we recommend using anything with insect growth regulator. Even if you have wood floors they get in between the cracks. We use Enforcer Flea Spray that comes in a red container for our homes and hospital. You can get this at any Walmart, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, ect. You do have to vacate the room/house until its dried less than 12 hours. Always follow the manufacturers instructions and warnings. 

Not all products are suitable for flea infestations so be sure to ask your veterinarian what they recommend. Here at The French Quarter Vet we recommend the Nexgard (Flea/Tick preventative) and Heartgard (heartworm/intestinal parasite preventative) oral treat duo for our Canine friends and Revolution (topical flea/heartworm/worm preventative) for our Feline friends; its so safe it’s labeled that it can be applied every 2 weeks. Occasionally we recommend adding Cheristin for our Feline friends which is a topical Flea Only product during a bad flea break out. Always ask your veterinarian for their recommendation.

Not seeing fleas but seeing your furry friend scratch all day and night? 

This could be a flea allergy, sometimes the allergy is so bad and pets develop a secondary skin infection from scratching and depending on how severe it could be, its best to call your veterinarian and see what they recommend. Occasionally you may need to come in to have the doctor take a look and possibly prescribe medications to help your pet overcome the allergy.

Are you seeing Small Rice Like Worms?

This means your pet ingested a flea, this occurs mainly in cats since they are frequent groomers. Most over the counter medications will not get rid of them, it’s best to go into the vet and get the injection needed or oral medication.

Not treating your environment or your pet can lead to the most serious of illnesses Flea Bite Anemia. This is when your pet is literally being eaten alive by fleas since they are blood sucking pests. 


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