Hurricane Preparedness Info

Did you know that about 91% of people are not prepared to leave with their pets in case of an emergency evacuation?

 Getting Prepared:

  • Please we encourage to Microchip your pet to increase the odds of a safe and quick return in the event that he/she becomes separated from you. Not sure if your pet is microchipped? Call us to let us know you’d like to stop by for a Free Scan and information on how to register your chip if you haven’t.

  • Get a copy of your pets vaccination record now. Please give us a call if you don’t have one..... there is no charge for a copy and we can e-mail it to you directly. 
  • You have full access to your pets complete records via our Website
    • Go to the “Portal” Tab and register your email to gain this access.

  • If you normally fly out of the state please check the website

  • Select the place of travel on the drop down menu to see what you need. 
  • Also check with the airline what they require for your pet.
  • You will most likely need a Health Certificate, Please call us ahead of time to schedule on short notice. Even if your driving most states will still want to see your pets are fully vaccinated.

  • Legitimate boarding facilities will require proof of DHPP, Lepto, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations from licensed Veterinarian as well as a current fecal check for dogs.

  • For Cats, proof of FVRCP, and Rabies vaccinations from a licensed Veterinarian will generally suffice.

  • Please check boarding facilities and THEIR policies on if your pet is not picked up in time during a disaster. And where they place the animals in case of a disaster so you know where to retrieve them.

  • Make sure to check with Hotels and make sure they are pet friendly and what size pets they allow.

In Case of an Evacuation:

  • Have a 1-2 week supply of all of your pets prescriptions medications, prescription diets, Monthly Preventative (heartworm/intestinal parasite/fleas/ticks) and a written prescription for all medications.

  • Some pets may need sedatives or tranquilizers for traveling, make sure you have enough for a couple trips.

  • We can also call in medication to a Human Pharmacy for sedatives.

  • Pets under stress do not do well with an abrupt change in diet. Have about 1-2 weeks of their food ready to go, along with a written prescription.

  • Make sure you take collars, leashes, rabies tag, Kennels, carriers, bedding, toys, treats, and water to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. The collapsable bowls are great for both food and water and save space.

  • A Pet First Aid Kit is also a good idea to have at all times, follow the Link below provided from the Humane Society of The United States. 
    • SIDE NOTE-Write Dr. Scotts Personal Phone Number in your First Aid Kit 
    • Texting instead of Phone Calls is Important because Texting will go through long after the phone service quits. 

Any questions or Concerns please don’t hesitate to inquire. 


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Feedback from our clients

  • "great first experience! I was visiting New Orleans on my way to Miami and needed to get my pup checked up and a prescription for Heartgard. They fit me in same day and were extremely accommodating. Scott Griffith was the vet that took care of us and he was informative, nice, and super helpful!"
    Shayne S. / New Orleans, LA